24 July 2009

So cute - take a look!

The haberdashery supplier I use has some new card making kits in stock. I couldn't resist these they are so cute! I am busy listing them on the shop site at the moment. They are priced at £2.49 per pack and each contains: 1 x topper sheet, 2 x co-ordinated papers, 1 x C5 & 1x C6 blank cards and envelopes. I think they are good value for money and very individual. Why not take a look at www.julytextilesandcrafts.co.uk?

06 July 2009

Busy weekend!

Well no sewing or creative things happening this weekend.... I spent the entire weekend cleaning 'Edna' The family's pride and joy. She has not been out for three years now and has been hibernating all this time in Dad's engine shed. She emerged early on Saturday looking decidedly dusty and a bit unloved.

Two days later she was positively gleaming. It is her 100th 'birthday' this year (It is also Dad's 60th) so we are having a huge party for both of them this weekend. 'Edna' has to undergo her steam test on Thursday along with our other engines before we can take them out, so whilst we were cleaning we steamed her up and checked everything was ok. All went well so we hope it will all be fine for the test.

03 July 2009

Tweet Me!

I am now on Twitter! I love the idea of this - short 'tweets' just to let everyone know what I am doing now. What fun! I must get a decent photo taken of myself though (I don't have any that I would want anyone to see) so if you want to take a look or if you would like to 'tweet' me and let me know what you are doing right or if you would like to ask me a question or see if I can help with a craft related problem goahead it would be great to hear from you. My twitter URL is: http://twitter.com/julytextiles

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