29 January 2011

recycle4real: 4th Project complete!

recycle4real: 4th Project complete!

Hi all, Right I've just finished the forth project in my challenge, it is a set of four free machined 'scribble' coasters made out of bubblewrap and carrier bags! Visit the special recycle4real blog for more details!

25 January 2011

Recycle4real challenge news

Well it has been a very busy few weeks, Project number 3 was posted on the recycle4real blog on Saturday and number 4 is now under way!

Project 3: a golden casket 

Project number 4 is now under way and is being made from plastic carrier bags and bubblewrap!

For more info and to follow the recycle4real challenge visit the recycle4real blog

09 January 2011

Project 2 announced on the recycle4real blog

I have announced the second project in my recycle4real challenge, A Tiffany style 'stained glass' panel made from sweetie wrappers! Full details available on the recycle4real blog at: http://recycle4real.blogspot.com

08 January 2011

1st project completed in the recycle4real challenge

Sweetie wrapper Bracelet!

I have made this gorgeous bracelet from sweetie wrappers and 
wire. I hope you like it!

You will find all the details on how to make it on the 
recycle4real Blog

02 January 2011

So now it is time to announce the materials I will use for the
 first project in the recycle4real challenge!

Sweetie Wrappers!

We are all chocoholics in our house especially around Christmas. 
Every year I save the sumptuous coloured wrappings from all our 
sweeties thinking that they must come in useful for making something, 
only to throw them out about 6 months later as I still haven't got 
around to doing anything with them - WELL NOT THIS YEAR!

I have decided to use them in the first project. I have an idea for a 
bracelet as the sweet wrappers remind me so much of the colours 
you get in the lovely glass beads which are so popular at the moment.

So watch the recycle4real blog during the week and I will let you know 
how things are progressing. The finished article and instructions will 
be posted on Saturday (8th January) on the recycle4real blog and will 
also be added to the  recycle4real website.

Recycle4real project starts today!

I cannot believe how fast the beginning of the challenge has come around! Still it is nearly here so I am getting prepared, getting the housework up to date and reminding the Kid's that I will be a bit busy this year.

The first project's materials will be announced on This evening (2nd December)

By Monday / Tuesday I should have a design idea ready to make over the following days. The final item will be photographed and a set of instructions will be published on the Recycle4real blog on Saturday 8th for you all to see. Find it Here

Then off we go again on Sunday evening......

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