27 June 2011

25th project completed - a scary dragon sock puppet!

posted by Julie Williams at recycle4real - 1 day ago
I love making puppets, it really is something I should do more often. So here he is my latest creation in the recycle4real challenge. I think I shall call him Ignatius - don't know why but it seems to suit him...

19 June 2011

24th Project Completed - Floaty 'feather' earrings

24th Project Completed - Floaty 'feather' earrings

What a dreadful day weather wise! I don't think it stopped raining for more than a few minutes all day! Mind you it did give me some inspiration for this week's project. I was watching a dove in the back garden this morning and as it started to rain it fluttered away. As it flew it dropped one of it's feathers and it reminded me of a project I did a long time ago using heavy interfacing. It struck me that it would work just as well with the plastic milk container I needed to use so here it is..................

A pair of feather earrings made from a recycled milk container!

11 June 2011

23rd project completed - A cute charm bracelet

Hello everybody, here we are Saturday night again, I hope you have all had a good day. This week I have been playing with a sauce pot and a length of chain. So what did I create?

A simple charm bracelet!

04 June 2011

22nd project completed - A butterfly hair decoration

this week I was playing with an old pair of tights, well this is what I came up with - A butterfly hair ornament!

full details on the website (www.recycle4real.co.uk)

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