25 March 2010

Main website updated

I've just finished updating the main website to tie it in with the online store a little better. I have redesigned the layout to offer a fresher, more easily navigated site - I hope you all like it! Take a look at: http://www.julytextiles.co.uk/

14 March 2010

NEW IN!!!! - our new range of embroidery backings and stabilisers!

I have been very busy over the last few months sourcing great new products for the shop.

The range of embroidery backings and stabilisers is now complete.
We can now offer: Tear away (two types), Iron on, Sticky and Skin soft backings. We also have heavy, medium and lightweight water soluble film type backing as well as heat removable fabric and water soluble fabric as well. CLICK HERE to take a look

There is also a removable stabiliser trial pack now available for you to buy for £1.50 - this contains full instructions and small pieces of our removable stabiliser range just large enough for a standard 10cm x 10cm hoop. CLICK HERE for details.

By the way I have more stock arriving this week so I will update you all then.

06 March 2010

Tyvek fabric available!

We now have Tyvek fabric available in the online store. It has the same properties when heated as our Tyvek paper sheets but is softer, more flexible and has a slight surface texture, making it ideal for stitching into either before or after distorting! Take a look at http://www.julytextilesandcrafts.co.uk/

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