28 September 2009

R.I.P Iggy

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of a much loved family pet, Iggy. Who was sadly put to sleep on Saturday morning.

Iggy had been with us for about 9 years, having been rescued by the Cat's Protection League. He was an individual, quite possibly the daftest cat I have ever met and a survivor. When he came to us he had lost the sight in one eye, had a chunk missing from his tongue and one eyelid and we were later to discover that he had previously had his jaw wired back together after an accident.

Despite all this he was well mannered and so friendly, never passing up the chance of a cuddle or fuss. Goodbye Iggy we will miss you.

18 September 2009

New stock now in the shop!

I've spent the last few days listing the new goodies onto the shop. The Brusho products are all done as are the new Kid's craft ideas. I've also had a play with the layout to give the shop a more modern look - I hope you all like it! Anyway I won't be adding anymore over the weekend as I am playing Steam Engine again. Time to get dirty!

03 September 2009

Exciting News!

The online store is going really well now and I have just ordered some great new lines for textile artists! These include: Brusho, Lutrador, Devore and Discharge paste and Discharge catalyst. This is really exciting for me personally as I love these products.

Brusho is so great for designing and paper crafts. For those of you who are not familiar with it Brusho is a powdered ink. It can be mixed with water to be used as a watercolour paint, sprinkled onto wet paper and allowed to spread and used with salt or wax to create great effects.

Lutrador is a non woven fabric with a slight sheen it can be dyed or coloured with practically anything and does not fray- it is THE fabric for textile artists at the moment.

Devore paste is used to make your own devore fabric. It is painted on to velvet and when dry, ironed to remove the pile, leaving only the backing fabric in place. Wonderful for scarves!

Discharge paste is mixed with the catalyst to remove colour from certain dark fabrics. the 'bleached' area can then be re-coloured as you wish.

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