02 December 2013

Upcycle for Christmas!

Well it's that time of year again already, so many functions and nothing to wear again!

How's this for a last minute make just in time for a works evening out?

Up cycled 'steampunk' shoes and brooch!

Step 1.

Take a boring pair of shoes to work your magic on!

Step 2.

Apply glue (Uhu works well) to the area you want to glam up, and sprinkle beads, cabochons, bits of broken jewellery etc over the area. If you miss a spot carefully fill in with more glue then apply more bits!

Allow to dry et voila! Funky shoes for an evening out!

The finished shoes!

Now for the dress:

I dont have time for any sewing today so I made a sweet little brooch to glam up a plain dress I already have.

Step 1. 

Cut a rectangle of funky foam and cover with glue; using the same technique as before apply your chosen bits and pieces.

Step 2.

Allow to dry!

Step 3.

Glue a brooch back onto the reverse with superglue and allow to dry.

Pin onto the dress in an appropriate place and You're done! All ready for a night out - have fun!

The finished dress all ready for a night out on the town 😄

19 February 2013

Degree learning log

As part of my degree I have to have a learning log. I have chosen to have it in blog form and I plan to add everything that I am working on, looking at, visiting etc. to this blog to keep a good record of where I am at, where I am heading and where I have been within the course. I will have to update it very regularly as there is a lot of work to get through and it will have to contain a lot of varied content.

If you would like to follow it to see how I am doing you will find it at: http://textilepiphany.wordpress.com

11 December 2012

I am now officially a student again! I have just started BA(Hons) Degree in Textiles with the OCA!
I am so excited about starting this journey, it has been one I have been waiting to take since I decided not to go to university when I was 18.
I have never regretted not going at that time as I have achieved so many other things in my life including running my own business, but the main achievement will always be my now 15 year old daughter who is so wonderful I would never be without her. I am now 37 and at last have the chance to follow my dream of academic fulfillment so here goes.
I am spending this week getting everything together so I can make a start on the first project at the weekend – wish me luck!

03 July 2012

Out and about at Blackmoor monthly market

I will be attending the Blackmoor monthly market, held on the 1st Sunday of the month from August onwards. I will be selling some of my textile pieces at the fair and taking along some of the July Textiles range of craft supplies for you to buy. I will also be demonstrating a craft technique each month.

The Blackmoor Village Hall, originally the school, was designed 1872 by Alfred Waterhouse (architect of the Natural History Museum in London) as part of a Victorian estate village. The Village Hall is next to St Matthew's Church in the centre of the village. The village is now a conservation area located within the South Down National Park. http://www.blackmoorvillagehall.btck.co.uk/News

Nearby is the famous Blackmoor apple shop open from September to April for more info please see: http://www.blackmoorestate.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7&Itemid=7

09 October 2011

40th project completed - A 'filigree brooch'

40th Project completed - A' filigree brooch'

Well another busy day over and done with. I spent the morning replacing numerous bolts in the Locomotive - Jerry M that we are overhauling at Hollycombe. A bit of an unusual way to spend a Saturday morning I'll admit but there you go!

Well what am I making with the bottle tops I found?

01 October 2011

39th project completed - A zip flower

39th Project completed - a zip flower

What a warm day! It has been about 28 degrees out today -  really warm especially for October! They do say that it will break all the records for an October day in the UK today, I wouldn't be at all surprised!!!!

It has been far too warm this week to do much heated craft work but this one is nice and simple and should appeal to most of you, as you can use them however you like whether it be as a topping for cards, as embellishments for sewing projects such as bags or as I have, as hair accessories.

So what are they?

Zip flowers!!!

25 September 2011

38th project completed - a floral gift box

38th Project completed - a gift box

Welcome to the 38th completed project in the challenge. Firstly I must apologise for being a few hours late with this one, I had completed 3/4 of the project and had put it to one side when the pup decided she required a snack and decided that it looked good enough to eat! So I had to begin all over again!!!!!

Anyway here it is, a paper mache gift box.

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