26 February 2011

8th project completed! - A woven 'chequerboard' bag

For my 8th project I made a cute little woven bag made from pet food sacks and a bamboo cane! - not the best thing I have ever made but a great experimental project that could be developed further. Full details on the recycle4real blog

20 February 2011

recycle4real: 8th Project announcement.

recycle4real: 8th Project announcement.: As most of you will know from previous posts, we now have 2 dogs in the house and boy can they eat! Molly is still on puppy food, whereas Poppy (If given the chance) will eat absolutely anything. The result is that we regularly have very large dog food bags going into the rubbish.

They used to be made of paper but over the last year or so the food has been coming in very thick plastic bags instead.These are lovely strong bags and I use them for all sorts of things such as holding manure from the horses, taking garden rubbish to the dump etc. I even used them as grow bags last year, but I can't help thinking that there must be something else I can do with them.

There are lots of instructions available on the internet for tote bags made by cutting off the top and adding handles but as usual I want to take things a step further. So I will be having a play with these this week and see what I can come up with.

19 February 2011

recycle4real: 7th Project completed

7th Project completed

I thought I would try something completely different this week, no sewing involved this time! So what did I make with my foil trays?

An Art Nouveau style frame!
Full details on the recycle4real challenge blog at: www.recycle4real.blogspot.com

16 February 2011

make do and mend items from July Textiles

make do and mend items from July Textiles

With money tight we thought we would round up all the items we have that you will find useful for 'upcycling', recycling or general repairs.

13 February 2011

recycle4real: 7th Project announcement

7th Project announcement

Hi all!

We have been in complete chaos over the weekend. I have only just finished returning the house to it's normal state after moving everything out of the kitchen so my lovely other half could tile the kitchen floor.
He has done a fantastic job and there is of course another bonus.....
We have been forced to have Takeaways for 2 nights running! But what to do with all the trays? - My council don't like collecting these, so it gave me a great idea for the materials for this week:

Foil trays!!!!!!

Usually I have a vague idea of what I am going to attempt for the project but it must be said I really am not sure this week, so I will get my thinking cap on overnight. Wish me luck! More details of the challenge at: www.recycle4real.blogspot.com

06 February 2011

6th project announcement

This weeks recycle4real project announcement: 

Welcome everyone to another Sunday night's announcement. 

I still have some denim left over from one of the pairs of jeans, so this week I will be using this up, I fancy some more embroidery this week so lets see what we can come up with this week! 

Full details on the recycle4real blog

05 February 2011

recycle4real: 5th project completed - Frayed around the edges bag

Here is this weeks recycle4real completed project. As promised it is made from recycled jeans.

The 'frayed around the edges' denim bag with slashed detailing and self tie closure
See the full details on the recycle4real blog

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