30 July 2011

30th project completed - a pair of simple flower earrings

Good evening all,

I think you will like this project, it is so simple yet very 'cool'. this week I have made a pair of cute flower earrings from the leaflets, some craft foam and some earring backs I had in my jewellery making kit!

Modelled here by my beautiful daughter!

23 July 2011

29th project completed - a couple of revamped lamp shades

Well number 29 was really quite fun! As promised I have recycled two lampshades using simple decorative techniques,

one to fit the lamp-base I made last week ....

and one for the top of my stairs which was originally looking really grotty and about to go to the bin....

16 July 2011

28th Project completed - A pleated Cardboard Lamp base

This week I made a lampbase from the folded cardboard organ book!

11 July 2011

27th project completed - Polystyrene printing blocks

Hi all, well I have had a great time playing with the polystyrene block and made a lovely mess in the studio! What did I make?

Some polystyrene printing blocks of course! Polystyrene is so easy to cut and shape with just ordinary knives etc. It doesn't absorb paint and has a lovely smooth surface with a slight texture so is ideal for this kind of project.

04 July 2011

recycle4real: 26th Project Completed - A bubble wrap cosmetics bag!

recycle4real: 26th Project Completed - A bubble wrap cosmetics bag!

I have now completed the 26th project in the challenge and here it is - a cosmetics bag made from the large bubbled bubble wrap I saved from the bin last weekend.

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