30 April 2011

17th Project completed - A Macrame hanging tidy!

posted by Julie Williams at recycle4real 
Well here it is - Number 17. I am desperately trying to tidy up my work room at the moment so I thought I would try to make a few storage items over the next few weeks starting with this one. Based on the ...

23 April 2011

16th project completed - a shiny garden mobile

posted by Julie Williams at recycle4real 
Hello again! This week I have been trying to sort out my garden, not an easy job with two young dogs intent on destroying it at every opportunity! I wondered if the aluminium drink cans I rescued from the rubbish.....

17 April 2011

16th project announced

Wow what a busy day!
I spent the morning retrieving my classic Morris Minor car from the garage she has been stored in for 5 years (she looked as though it had been more like 20!).I am aiming to have her back on the road by the end of June.

After an afternoon cleaning, she is now almost shiny. Unfortunately she has seized brakes and won't start but hopefully that won't take long to sort out. So I guess I have a busy few weeks ahead of me!

Anyway back to the task at hand, this week's project announcement. This week I am going to try and think of something to make with.........

Old soft drink cans!

16 April 2011

15th project completed - a springtime bangle

Hi, this weeks project was really fun and quite quick once I had worked it all out. I have made a bangle from the industrial cardboard tube using some leaflets which arrived through the post from local garden centres etc. Full details on the recycle4real blog

09 April 2011

14th project completed!

14th project completed! A small Easter basket

Well I promised something with and Easter theme this week, and here it is. A small easter basket, ideal for giving as a gift, full of mini eggs!

Full details on the recycle4real blog

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02 April 2011

13th Project completed - A Small Springtime Container

The 13th project is now complete - A lovely little springtime container made from a covered herb pot full details available on the the blog 

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