02 December 2013

Upcycle for Christmas!

Well it's that time of year again already, so many functions and nothing to wear again!

How's this for a last minute make just in time for a works evening out?

Up cycled 'steampunk' shoes and brooch!

Step 1.

Take a boring pair of shoes to work your magic on!

Step 2.

Apply glue (Uhu works well) to the area you want to glam up, and sprinkle beads, cabochons, bits of broken jewellery etc over the area. If you miss a spot carefully fill in with more glue then apply more bits!

Allow to dry et voila! Funky shoes for an evening out!

The finished shoes!

Now for the dress:

I dont have time for any sewing today so I made a sweet little brooch to glam up a plain dress I already have.

Step 1. 

Cut a rectangle of funky foam and cover with glue; using the same technique as before apply your chosen bits and pieces.

Step 2.

Allow to dry!

Step 3.

Glue a brooch back onto the reverse with superglue and allow to dry.

Pin onto the dress in an appropriate place and You're done! All ready for a night out - have fun!

The finished dress all ready for a night out on the town 😄

19 February 2013

Degree learning log

As part of my degree I have to have a learning log. I have chosen to have it in blog form and I plan to add everything that I am working on, looking at, visiting etc. to this blog to keep a good record of where I am at, where I am heading and where I have been within the course. I will have to update it very regularly as there is a lot of work to get through and it will have to contain a lot of varied content.

If you would like to follow it to see how I am doing you will find it at: http://textilepiphany.wordpress.com

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