17 June 2009

I got there in the end Mum! (Unveiling, my entry to the National Quilt Championships 2009)

The last few months have been something of an uphill battle. What with various family health issues, teenage angst and mad dogs; not to mention an upsurge in sales via the website, I have had very little time to be creative. This was very unfortunate as all this coincided with the National Quilt Championships 2009 looming large.

The design for my entry has been in the planning for sometime but, (as my mother will tell you all too readily) I always seem to leave everything to the last minute. I usually disagree with her but this time I must admit to it.
My house now looks like a bomb has hit it, the garden is completely overgrown and the kids are moaning that I haven't done the washing, but I have completed my 'Peacock evening jacket' in time. It has now been safely delivered to Sandown and I hope it goes down well and everyone enjoys it.

The jacket is based on the wonderful displays put on by the male Peacocks at
Hollycombe Steam Collection where I am a volunteer. It depicts not only the display but also the very sad eventual loss of the tail feathers once the mating season is over.

The technical bit....... The free machine embroidery is worked in metallic and rayon threads on a sheer ground with Angelina and painted Bondaweb additions.

1 comment:

Sue172 said...

Congratulations!! I knew you would get it done in time and I'm really proud that you have won again!!! As for me putting you to shame!!!?
Well done, I'm really impressed.


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