27 October 2009

Knit a square and do something great this Christmas!

As the festive season approaches and money is tight we are going to have a traditional Christmas this year.
I have been looking for something to get the kids to do that would give them a real sense of Christmas. I was sent an email via a group I belong to on ebay and thought it fitted the bill perfectly.
Knit a suare is an organisation who asks you to knit an 8" square and send it to them, they then make up blankets for AIDS orphans in Africa. Please click on their logo below and join in. We could all make a difference with just one square each!

1 comment:

sandy said...

Hi Julie

Thank you so much for posting about knit-a-square. I hope some of your followers take up the cause. I think your peacock jacket is exquisite and I am so sorry about Iggy. Kind regards Sandy

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