13 February 2011

recycle4real: 7th Project announcement

7th Project announcement

Hi all!

We have been in complete chaos over the weekend. I have only just finished returning the house to it's normal state after moving everything out of the kitchen so my lovely other half could tile the kitchen floor.
He has done a fantastic job and there is of course another bonus.....
We have been forced to have Takeaways for 2 nights running! But what to do with all the trays? - My council don't like collecting these, so it gave me a great idea for the materials for this week:

Foil trays!!!!!!

Usually I have a vague idea of what I am going to attempt for the project but it must be said I really am not sure this week, so I will get my thinking cap on overnight. Wish me luck! More details of the challenge at: www.recycle4real.blogspot.com

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