05 March 2011

9th Project Completed in the recycle4real challenge - A polystyrene cup vase!

9th Project Completed - A polystyrene cup vase!

Well, I have had so much fun this week! 
I know you are going to love this project, it is so easy yet so effective so I will be expecting lots of photos of your efforts after this one to add to the reader's gallery on the website.

Well here we are, my 9th offering to you all is...........

A lovely little vase made from a polystyrene cup and yes it does hold water!
Full details available on the recycle4real blog at: www.recycle4real.blogspot.com

1 comment:

crafty cat corner said...

That is fabulous, looks like papier mache. Keep going, I am loving these recycled challenges.

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